Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has to say about the Apple Vision Pro

 CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his opinion of Apple
’s new mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, in a video posted to Instagram where he called Meta’s Quest 3 headset “the better value” and “the better product, period.”
While it’s obvious Zuckerberg would promote his company’s product, his decision to post a video about the differences between the Quest 3 and Vision Pro shows the increasing competition between Apple and Meta. Both companies are trying to sell consumers on the benefit of mixed-reality headsets that overlay digital content over the real world or provide immersive virtual reality experiences. Meta has taken a lower-cost approach while Apple has focused on sharper screens, more powerful processors and higher-end materials.
Zuckerberg, in the video posted Tuesday, said he thinks the Quest headset is “a lot more comfortable,” its immersive content library is deeper, its field of view is wider, its hand tracking is more accurate and its screen is brighter compared with the Vision Pro. However, he noted that Apple’s screen has a higher resolution and that its eye tracking is “really nice.”

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