The Sims 4: Freelancer Career Guide

As one of the most popular life simulators, The Sims 4 is an open world in which gamers get to create their own experiences. While lots of The Sim’s magic comes from its outlandish features, there is also satisfaction in the level of realism in the gameplay that can be achieved.

The possibilities are endless, with more base game features being added. One such feature is the Freelance Career path.
What Is Freelancing In The Sims 4?
The Freelance Career in The Sims 4 is similar to freelancing in the real world. Sims can choose their own work schedule, gigs, and pay rate as freelancers. The Freelance Career is listed in the Career Menu just like standard careers. Players can access the Career Menu by using their Sim’s cellphone and selecting “Find a Job” or from the Career Panel at the bottom right side of the screen next to the Aspirations panel.
The Freelancer Career doesn’t have promotions or levels and instead is based out of agencies that provide contract opportunities called gigs. The higher a Sims skill is in whichever trade they pursue, the better-paid jobs become available. There are six freelance agencies in The Sims 4 from the base game, Moschino Stuff, Paranormal Stuff, and Eco Lifestyle.

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