What’s the Next Big Trend in Tech?

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What’s the Next Big Trend in Tech?
Before I get started, big news is that the first official edition of the Merryn Talks Money podcast is out today!
I know I’m biased, but you should really give this a listen — Merryn chats to the brilliant Steen Jakobsen at Saxo Bank about the 2023 outrageous predictions list. Steen makes some excellent and searching points about tangible assets, economies at time of war, energy, inflation and productivity, as well as the disastrous misallocation of resources encouraged by the ultra-low interest rate era — and why the fact that the cost of capital is now rising is a very good thing.
The 2023 outrageous predictions might be scary, but if you’re looking for an upbeat take on the long-term outlook, you should listen to this. And you get some bonus blethering from me at the start!
You can listen to it on the Bloomberg site here, or download your copy now from wherever you get your podcasts (and if that happens to be Apple, you can get it here). 
Onto today’s newsletter. And we’re looking at forecasts here too, though perhaps a little further out.
I put out a poll on Twitter earlier this week. Here’s a screenshot of the question and the results.

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